You are the reason why I smile

Monday, July 04, 2011

hello blog :) I'm back after leaving my blog dead for a while because I'm too lazy to turn my computer on and online, I prefer to stay in my bedroom watching and twittering via BB or BBM-ing . 
on 30 June went to dentist and went to school too for report taking, I got a very satisfactory score it was 92 <3 before was just 88, increasing 4. here is the photos of my result 

most of my score were above 80 and 90 just PE 79. Now I'm officially Junior High 3 student :D on 1st July my mommy bought for me new BB which is BB Gemini <3 Love you mommy :* and Thank You mommy :* today went to dentist again for checking. FYI : I hate going to dentist ._. 
nothing to tell you anymore so see ya on my next post and  sorry If I left my blog dead for awhile.
xoxo, angeline <3

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