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Sunday, July 17, 2011

night blog :) actually I've no story to tell you since I'm just staying at home today.tomorrow is monday means that I'm going back to school, actually I enjoy going to school. tomorrow we're going to have yel-yel competition in the morning then in the afternoon we're going to have choir competition and the last we're going to have our first monthly performance for this school year but I think our class won't perform because we have no time to practice and we don't have any idea what performance we're going to perform. for the detail of tomorrow activities I'll going to tell you on my next post just wait and see :P that's all that I wanna tell you today. Enjoy and have fun :D Good night <3 

"If i lose you in my dreams i wouldn't wanna wake up till i find you again."

Love and Kiss, 
Angeline <3

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