love you like a love song

Sunday, July 31, 2011

morning people :D happy sunday and happy holiday. my weekend and my holiday both are pathetic and sucks. I hate staying at home. I hate those people who always blame others  while others do nothing. I hate those people who just think of their self and ignore others. I hate those people who shout at people but don't realize that he/she is the source of the problem. I hate those people who never realize that he/she is not better than others. okay enough for the madness. I will go crazy if I think of that everyday. the last,  my vice principle Mr.Anderson has twitter !! luckily he doesn't follow me and I guess he will never know about my twitter username. fiuhh.. luckily. I'm save ;D wanna know just click THIS

see ?? 
 that's all for today :) see you on my next post :D

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