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Monday, July 18, 2011

hello people :) how is your day ? mine is nice but tired too. today have lot of activities which some is fun and some is bored. and I have a lot of things to tell you :D we start from the beginning of school. have brain gym in the morning and hell the weather is really hot and I'm almost burnt -___- while we are singing Indonesia Raya, Mr. Anderson just call us to repeat and singing it one more time ! oh hell the weather is really hot and we must repeat it again ?? you have no brain sir. after brain gym continue directly to yel-yel competition and our class is the first one who do the yel-yel -___- and everybody are looking at us. after the yel-yel competition, we go back to class and we practice singing Hey Soul Sister by Train actually it's for choir competition but because the choir competition changes to Thursday so we sing that song for our first monthly performance. after lunch we have pre test mathematics and it's very very very hard !!!!! we go to MPH for te first monthly performance that's all about today :) ENJOY :D 

I make this from lotion in my leg :P looks so cute and real ;) 


Love and Kiss, 
Angeline <3

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