When I stop loving you

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hello people :) uhmm.. I mean morning people :P holiday almost end ya (for me) for most of you holiday had end yesterday. my school will start on 14 June which is 2 days to go :D and tomorrow I'm going to school for orientation or just like introducing class, teacher and classmates. FYI : I'm not ready yet to know about my homeroom and my classmates. I will just tell about yesterday activities. Yesterday was the best day during my holiday ;) yesterday went to Sun Plaza with my sister, arrived there around 10.30 in the morning directly went to Gramedia (book store), I bought school stationery and novels. I bought 3 novels which are If I stay, Mediator : Haunted and Sepatu kaca (mirror shoes). finished shopping at Gramedia went to Sour Sally bought a Large Yoghurt (twist melon) with 3 toppings (Mochi, pillow choco and choco chips) it tasted GREAT. from Sour Sally went to Sushi Tei bought Sushi, we ordered first because the people said it needed 15 minutes to finish so my sister said we went to Bread Talk bought bread. then went back to Sushi Tei to take our Sushi and we also bought seaweed :D after that we went home and had our lunch. that's all about yesterday and I have nothing to tell you anymore and see ya on my next post and BYE :* 

Love, Angeline 

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