Silent is the best

Saturday, June 25, 2011

hello readers :) how is your holiday ? mine is totally sucks -___-" staying at home and spending my holiday with watching movie --" and I feel like the time don't past and it stays like that. 
have nothing to tell you :| really, no topic ;| I had watched a lot of movie that some nice and some bored. 
watched a movie called Scre4m (it's still in cinema) , don't scary at all and they're just teaching the bad words and they say a lot of bad words --" even if you don't watch it you won't feel regret because it's not nice at all. then watched a movie called Triple Tap, it's action movie I don't like it because the story too complicated. after that watched a movie called X-men 5:First Class (the new movie that haven't aired in theaters yet) it is a very nice and cool movie but the story really remind me about my History lesson but it's okay for review :P then watched a movie called The Lost Bladesman, quite nice esp. when they fighting ;) 
that's all. sorry I don't have any topic to tell you again :| 

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