The day I meet you once more

Saturday, July 16, 2011

morning people :) happy weekend guys :D I'm going to tell you what happen to me yesterday at school. yesterday was hundred even thousand times better than the first day of school. I don't know why I'm saying this but that's what I feel, I'm just feeling much better. yesterday started with welcoming performance which supposed to be in the first of school but suddenly changed to yesterday ten continued to games in football field and basketball court. the first game is SO DISGUSTING, the teacher give us one bucket of water and one plate of flour and candies are put inside. we must took the candies from the flour but first we must put our face inside the water so it was wet and we can take the candy easily but it's so sticky so DISGUSTING -______- after the games end we went back to class and we did decoration in the class .we had english pre test, it's quite easy. finished the pre test we continued making the decoration till lunch time. after lunch we went back to class and we made decoration again and again but I had chit chat with Bella, Herlina, Tina and Vira what a nice day :D. see you on my next post :)

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