Hasta La vista

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

hello blogger :) Happy Fasting for those who celebrate (sorry for the lateness :P). start my school today since yesterday was holiday. very tired day. nothing to be comment for today. ordinary. lately I'm in love with tumblr :D you can follow mine HERE ! but don't worry I won't leave my blog, I won't stop blogging because I love blogging too :D I wanna share a lot of random photos at the end. I have something to tell you and it was yesterday story. so yesterday I went to Palladium with my neighbor and their friends, we planned to watch Harry Potter Deahtly Hallows part 2 and the movie is FANTASTIC, COOL, SAD, AWESOME. can't be describe in word ;;) LOVE  it :D :D must watch ! 


Love and Kiss, 
Angeline <3

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