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Saturday, May 21, 2011

as my promise I'll share about my activities at Penang. 
19 May : arrived at Penang, fetched by uncle, auntie and grandpa going to Grandma house :) with mother and elder sister, had lunch (my grandma cooked a lot of foods , and all of them taste DELICIOUS :9), took a rest, watched TV, took a bath, had dinner, watched singing  show, had chit chat, played something with cousin, twitter, sleep and so on. 
20 May : wake up, took a bath, walked to market. had breakfast (Hokkien noddle :9), took a rest for a while, joined my sister to pharmacy for taking the medicine, had lunch (at Persiaran Gurney :9), went to Gurney Plaza, went to grandma house fetching my little cousin, had dinner (Bak Kut Teh :9), went home, took a bath, had chit chat with cousin, packing, Twitter, posting a blog, sleep and so on. 
21 May : wake up, took a bath, packing, went to airport, check in, had breakfast (MC'D Muffin :9), waiting, had a walk, bought clothes, boarding, arrived at Medan, went home, took a bath, had lunch (KFC :9), sleep for a while, read novel, watched TV, Twitter, had dinner (KFC :9), playing computer, posting a blog, sleep and so on. 
so that's all about my activities at Penang, full of activities. feel so tired but FUN :D

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