Explode soon ! REALLY !

Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello people :) 
sorry for the absence :( I'm too busy of my SA2 ! Luckily my SA2 will end soon, next wednesday will be the last and after that I'm FREE from any lesson or exam. LOVING IT <3 
left 3 more exams till FREEDOM and I'm so worry of my score D: I think I haven't do well in my history and Matematika exams D: yesterday was my Matematika and Geography exams, I did well in Geography. :D 
skip that topic ! because if I think a lot about that I'll getting stress and stress, I'll getting older soon XP 
Monday will be  IPA exam and Idk whether I can do it or not because I'm really confuse of the lesson esp. the formula, I'll crazy soon ! but I have to do well so I can pass and get in to Science class as what I want XD Tuesday will be science exam, it's a lot ! Idc ! WISH ME LUCK YA XD 
xoxo, angeline <3

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