Refreshing :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

yesterday was totally a nice day esp. the last lesson we (Kristina, Mega, Savira, Tifanni, and I) had lot of fun, we laughed too much XP so the story was like this 
after the exam, we had 3 review times, the 1st was after exam and the teacher was David Luis, after lunch was the 2nd review and the teacher was Mr. Ilham, after break was the last review and the teacher was idk the name. the teacher was so funny ! esp. when he talking, his sound can getting louder and then it's getting slower, imagine it, he's just talking haven't shout yet, I can't imagine if he shouts O.o then his hand writing really idk how to say it but it's just so funny, we're so bad laughing at the teacher but we can't hold the joke longer or else we'll get stomachache :P

xoxo, angeline

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