I want it !

Saturday, May 21, 2011

hello people :) 
meet again ;) how are you today ? how is your day ? mine is nice (Y), it's nicer if now I'm still at Penang :( 
I prefer to stay at Penang no pressure, no stress ! but yea I've no choice -__- 
what I want just a DREAM ! but dreaming is allowed :P so just DREAM IT :D 
so Monday I'll go back to school and Tuesday will be SA2 already ! Stress day out D: 
I need to focus on my SA2 but I've no mood to read my book and study it D; 
my brain gonna explode soon :S 
and when next year come, it's gonna be more stress year ! national exam is facing -________-" 
but after national exam, I'm free from exam then SH1 is facing ~(▽~) (~▽)~ (s.o.f.a.s.t.h.u.h.i.a.m.n.o.t.r.e.a.d.y.y.e.t) :P 
so I have nothing to tell you anymore, ehm.. how about if I tell you my activities at Penang ? see you at my next post :) today I've my mood to posting :P 
xoxo, angeline <3

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