School LIfe

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A - Age : 14

B - Bed size : queen
C - Chore you hate : washing dishes
D - Dog's name : i don't have any
E - Essential start your day item : a glass of water 
F - Favourite colour : white, blue, black
G - Gold or silver : silver
H - Height : 160cm
I - Instruments you play : guitar
J - Job title : student
K - Kid(s) : 2 (maybe)
L - Living arrangements : living with my beloved family
M - Musicians : dunno
N - Nicknames : zel, angeline
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth : never
P - Pet that you like :rabbit
Q - Quote from a movie : don't memorize
R - Right or left handed : right.
S - Sibling : one
U - Ur latest favourite items : novel (?)
V - Vegetable you dislike : celery
W - World's best invention : lots
X - X-rays you've had : none
Y - Yummy food you make : nothing. hehehe
Z - Zoo favourite : any
hey :) as usual I'm really busy of school stuffs from project, assignment till quiz and the worst is SA1 is really coming soon around 2 more weeks. I haven't even prepared yet. next week music's SA1 and I guess computer's SA1 too will be next week. really not ready yet. suddenly school make a school tour to Taiwan, well I wanna join but why must Taiwan ? why don't the another country. maybe I'm not going to join. nowadays school getting sucker and sucker esp. this JH3, it's our last year in Junior High life but it's must be the worst. huh.. I hate that fact. teachers and school rules are the reasons why I hate school. they just can't understand us, they make us feel really uncomfortable esp. with that rules. I really wanna go back to JH1. I wish everything gonna get better after SA1. 
nothing else to tell you. bye.

HugKiss, Angeline <3

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