Ipoh, I Miss You

Sunday, November 06, 2011

morning :) happy sunday :D it's just gonna be a simple post because I'm too lazy to type. I don't know exactly why I always miss Ipoh. every time I think about a nice place to visit, Ipoh will directly be in my mind. I've ever visited Ipoh for 4 or 5 times and I still miss going to there. the environment there is fucking nice and calm. there aren't lot of people, not crowded like Medan -__- it's just so damn different. and the weather there is nice. maybe Ipoh just not really famous and there are not many shopping malls or recreation places but well I don't really mind about that. the things that I really miss from Ipoh are my family there *huggggg*, my family's house there, nga coi kai (kind of food), Yee Thye (a gift shop), the temple there and everything there. wish I can go there next chinese new year's holiday ;;) 
that's all for today :* 

hugkiss, Angeline <3 

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