The Missing Piece of Heart

Saturday, November 12, 2011

hey :) weekend, finally. this week kinda busy of school, feel like tired and lazy to go to school. today is the best saturday ever \m/ wake up at 6.30 in the morning, take a bath, have breakfast, prepare bag and everything then wait for the bus to fetch me but I wait till almost 9, the us doesn't come and I plan to call my sister and ask her to fetch me to school and she does. arrived at school around 9, luckily I don't meet AKJ or the vice principle, directly go to class and well they have started the lesson and well I don't really care as long as I still come to school. nowadays I hate intensive so damn much cause of a lot of things. after intensive go home and not joining bus since my sister is going to fetch me, directly go to suzuya, a supermarket near my house, go to buy snacks, food, drinks and others, after that go to KFC to have our lunch with my sister and my sister's friend. then go home and now I'm typing this and then I plan to finish up watching the korean drama called "heartstrings". oh well that's all for today ;;) see ya. 

hugkiss, Angeline <3

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