IF tomorrow never come

Thursday, June 09, 2011

hello people ;) how is your day ? mine? nice and fun \(´▽`)/  ◦°◦нα◦нα◦нα◦нα◦нα◦°◦
today we spent the whole day at school by playing UNO (a card game) have lot of fun :D 
first, arrived at school and started to play UNO at first just Lenka, Bella, JA, tina, vira, JA, nana and tifanni then NW, Tiniya and Mega came but we still played. then at 9 o'clock we must go down to the field for watching soccer competition (not interested at all) then we play UNO at outdoor playground after we feel bored of playing UNO we played basketball, it's really tired but have fun :) after we feel tired we stop. but JA, Nana, NW, Tiniya, Dewi continue to play basketball, then Mega, tina, vira, tifanni and me decide to play UNO at outdoor playground. when we feel that the weather is getting hotter, we go up to classroom and continue playing UNO, after a while Nana, JA, Bella and NW go up, we play UNO together Jason, VL and steffie join. then continue playing UNO till 3 o'clock. ◦°◦нα◦нα◦нα◦нα◦нα◦°◦ I think we go to school just for playing UNO. sorry, for the broken english :) 
xoxo, angeline <3

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