Freedom \(´▽`)/

Thursday, June 02, 2011

hello people :) Happy Holiday guys :D 
no more SA2 means FREEDOM \(´▽`)/ yesterday was the last day of SA2, which was Mathematics exam, I don't I did well :( but wish all the best for my score ;) SA2 have done, but I sick really not my day :'( yesterday at school after lunch we (only JH2 department)  had our monthly guest actually not monthly guest because he is our vice principle but he said just treat me as your monthly guest, I wanna know how you treat your monthly guest. e told or spoke about Social Media, I don't really pay attention of what he said because that time, I was sick and I can't concentrate at all so I just tried to listen but my head getting hurt -___- 
he talked quite long, and I really feel bored but I can't change anything. after he finished talking, next teacher or yea monthly guest came and talked AGAIN about Philippines and I was getting sick and she talked too long -___- finally after done, we went home.
xoxo, angeline <3 
and oh.. I just remember that it is June means I will make #Junewish in my next post ;)

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