The last best day

Friday, June 10, 2011

hello readers :) 
finally today is the last day of my school and it means today is the last day of JH2 and I'm going to JH3 soon --" 
I feel so sad because today have end, I hope today NEVER end. this school year is the best school year ever. really love my crazy class "MOTHER THERESA" no matter what I will never forget it. If I can turn back the time, I will. I will never let today end because everything will never come twice. MOTHER THERESA is the best class ever ;) 

NW, Dewi, Mega, Vira, Tifanni and Angeline :D


- it's sad but it must happen. all of us are walking in our own paths. farewell dear friends ♥ - 
- Sweet moment lasts longer ♥-

xoxo, angeline <3
will today come twice ?

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