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Monday, October 14, 2013

hello. it's already the second week of October, time flies so fast huh? 
CA2 is about to start by the next two weeks. good news is that this time our CA2 is only 6 days, usually we have 8 or 9 days, it's good isn't it? XD
anyway i have a v-e-r-y g-o-o-d day today <33 although i had kimia and fisika quiz today but still i felt so calm since i got answer from my seatmates, he's so smart kay. anyway let's skip that part. because most of the students in our class didn't come today so my homeroom decided to take our second kimia lesson and matematika lessons to do our decoration. we're supposed to do the decoration but me and one of my friend, cynthia didn't do anything and what we did were having a chat and laugh. then during english lesson i joined cynthia's group to go and have a drama practice which mean i skipped lesson again, which is so good ;) then during religion lesson had a chat with citra and got her secret revealed xD i'm like a secret-keeper cause basically kept a lot of secrets. biology lesson is probably the most bored lesson. the best part of today is not all of those stories above but here is the best part : me and cynthia planned to buy the ice cream so we walked wuite far but then she realised that the ice cream seller didn't come so both of us decided to walk back but because her bus and my bus were in the different side, her was supposedly to be close but because we were in the middle of the road, it became so far then she said she wanted to climb the fence and it will reach the bus directly but because the fence was too high and she wasn't tall enough so she failed and guess what i can't stop laughing as i saw the way she tried to climb the fence xDD IT WAS SO HILARIOUS SERIOUSLY. it was really an epic fail. LMAO. 
today is probably the best day of my whole school life. i never felt so free and happy before. also i never skipped lesson before but today i did it ;)) 
and tomorrow is holiday <33 my life is complete now :3 
it's been a long time since i last talked a lot esp about my day, it's feel so good to be back :) i'm going to try to post more like this *pinky promise* 


i planned to share videos but it won't let me so bye. xoxo

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