Halloween 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hello. Today is the last day of October and yet the best day❤ guess why?! Cause our school is celebrating Halloween and this is the best Halloween for me since I'm participating in it. Although I'm not being a ghost in the ghost house but I'm in charge of the bazaar together with my friends, a lot of us. This year our Halloween party is open for parents so it's more crowded and more fun. I really really enjoy today although I have to admit it that today is definitely the most tiring day for my whole school life.
We sell drinks, foods and ice cream, beside that we also prepare games stand and I'm in charge of drink stand along with two of my friends but then one of friend suddenly went to the the counter for changing bazaar ticket and she helped there so left me and my another friend. At first lot of people came and buy but when the ice cream stand open, everybody went to buy the ice cream and didn't buy ours but luckily it's only elementary level that time which mean we still have JH and SH level in the afternoon. Guess what ?! Our drinks left  a lot so in the afternoon the student council member decided to decrease the price but still only little people that come and buy. But different story for ice cream stand and foods stand cause a lot of people come an buy from them :3 but actually I'm also part of the food stand member because they are lacking of member. Selling food is probably the best thing in life cause I learn a lot from it. 
Today has been a day that I will never forget. 

Happy Halloween ! Have a great celebration !\m/

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