Grow Up

Monday, September 23, 2013

hey i'm finally back. sorry for not updating these few months, i'm too lazy and don't what am i going to say but today i feel like i need to say everything out. 

lately i'm so not in the mood to go to school and anyway will never have the mood. school has been the worst place ever in the world. the worst is that everybody around me there are f-a-k-e. i always think that they are my f-r-i-e-n-d but now i realise that they are not even worth to be call f-r-i-e-n-d, they are more likely to be call a fake friend instead of real friend. 
which friend leave you alone when there's a group project?
which friend never ask you to join them when we're close, not really close but at least we sit together all this time?
which friend just let you sitting down alone and not having a group?
which friend just ignore you like you never exist?
which friend did all of those things?
okay i know i'm not as smart as all of you are and yes i know i'm not creative enough but at least ask. it is so hard to just ask?
i feel like i'm always the one who need them and i feel like i'm a stupid ass needing them everyday and begging them to join their group when maybe they feel disgust with that. for you to know i feel disgust with that too. do you think i will always need you? no eh no. one day all of you are going to see me becoming a success person, i definitely will be. NOTED THAT.
i actually feel so relieve after letting out my emotion. thanks to this blog for always there. lol <3

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