Be The Light

Friday, October 25, 2013

hey. wohoo it's almost the end of October, time flies super fast huh. i'm currently having exam but good thing is that this monday is going to be the last, i bet this time my score is going to decrease again but who cares since i already did my best. 
having guests from overseas visiting us today in school, the one who is givign us a presentation is from Oregon University in USA and guess what he's a westerner and his english is far from mine. lol and he gave us a challenge to build a windmill but sadly my group failed to build one but still such a good experience and anyway i had so much fun doing it :3 after that we given chance to choose which classes we want to join and we choose "lip-read" class, guess what the presentation is so boring and uniteresting but at last still learned something new which is the ability of reading lip (?) lol 
my life get so worse lately, i really need some kind of refreshment. any kind of refreshment is fine. been stressing for exam this whole week and also projects, presentation and so on. i really feel like throwing myself to the sea and enjoy the fresh air. 
still need to edit our group bahasa drama video, which is horrible. i guess. 

pst. i don't know why now i won't be able to choose video from youtube anymore. 

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