One More Time

Saturday, June 02, 2012

bonjour ~ it's June already baby <3 June gonna be awesome, I know :) today going to get the result of national exam, afraid and worry. but I hope everything goes well. tomorrow is Teen Wolf 2 premiere, can't wait to see Tyler Hoechlin <3 7 more days till graduation, the last day to meet all of my friends and the last day to be with them before they leave school. 19 more days till my birthday ;) 
good news : I had got my phone back :)) 
bad news : yesterday I got a news from twitter that BTOB is going to have a concert in Jakarta on 21st June. i was so shocked. why must they come to Jakarta exactly on my birthday ? it breaks my heart. lol but anyway have fun guys <3 
don't know what to say anymore so end of post. have a nice day <3 pray for my national exam's result.. 


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