Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bonjour ~ a happy and sad day today. last day of being a Junior High 3 student and also last day of being a Junior High's student. going to be a Senior High's student soon. I'm so speechless don't know what to say. 
thanks Abraham Lincoln for being the best class ever. thanks Mr Surya for being the best homeroom ever. thanks all of my classmates for being the best for a whole year. sadness and happiness had been pass through, I hope to see you guys next school year. I hope the memories remain in our mind and heart forever. 
and for those who move out of Prime One School, I hope to see you guys again :) 
I don't know what to say.. I'm just so speechless. 

the stuffs I get from school. 
I look so weird there. lol 
class photo taken (Abraham Lincoln) 
year book . in case you miss your friend, you can just look at this book

our batch song. NO TEARS BUT CHEERS. 
lyrics : 
Friendship is the one and only wonder of the world
It's like the star that lightens our heart
I believe we stand together 
When the world falls down
And we still stand together
When it comes back around 

It's not the time for tears 
For sure it's time to cheer
So this for you I write 
If you ever missing me 
Just listen to this song 

* May the sun rises up to meet you
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun warms upon your face
And the rain falls softly on your feet

 May flowers always line your path 
And may sunshine lights your day
May happiness feel your heart each day
Your whole life through 

(back to *)

It's not the time for tears
For sure it's time to cheers
So this for you I write
Because I love you all
Because I love you all
Because I love you.... all
Poem for Junior High 3, teachers and students 
 Students : 
Who am I? What am I?
Always deafening my ears
Often disturbing my quiet moments
Always tempting my immature thinking
What am I looking for?
What am I after?
Till this moment, it remains blurred
What can I do?
Who am I? What am I?

Dear Teenagers
Dig your potentials
Know your interests
Motivate yourself
Do your best
No questions remained unanswered
Along with effort you have given
the teachers of Junior High 3
JH-SH homerooms 

end of post. I hope next school year gonna be better. 
Everything happen today will be the best one, I will never ever forget today. 
thanks Junior High 3 for giving the best memories in my life. 
I will super miss today :') 


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