Turn Around and Say I Love You

Monday, June 25, 2012

hello. sorry for less updating my blog, I get nothing to tell you. spending almost half of my holiday at home and being a lazy pig. lol 
oh and last time I promised to tell you the activities in my cousin's house isn't it ? I'm going to tell you now since I get the mood to type. 
FYI : I went there alone, I mean me myself stayed there without my family. hehe
15 June: went to cousin's house at night, arrived at my cousin's house at almost 11PM, sleepy and tired, changed clothes and headed to bed directly. 
16 June : woke up at 7 in the morning (can't sleep comfortably or maybe it's because of still feeling strange since it's my first time there), then took a bath and had breakfast, watched TV until lunch time then around 3PM went to "Delimas Plaza" with 2 of my cousins, had our extra lunch in "Pikadeli Cafe", ate chicken chop and drunk Marquisa's juice, finished our extra lunch headed directly to bookstore (I forgot the bookstore name) to have a look around then went to Karaoke (we sang "nothing's gonna change my love for you" and "the lazy song") finished karaoke headed to Pinky or whatever the store name to buy an earring for my cousin, after that went home, at night we went to my auntie's friend house to attend a party (but only for awhile) then went to my auntie's friend house to have a chat for awhile then the last we went to drink coconut :9 it tastes super delicious, finished went home directly changed clothes and slept. 
17 June : went to beach for the whole day xD had dinner at "Deli Seafood" seriously it took asdfghjkl 1 year to serve the food -_- and the food tasted asdfghjkl ordinary -_-
18 June : went to no where, just stayed at home, watching and so on.
19 June : went to swimming in the afternoon with my cousins and my auntie until 7PM then went home and stayed at home. 
20 June : my last day there, going to no where. staying at home and finished watching "Skip Beat" lol then at around 6PM my uncle brought us to "Pheng An" to have dinner then went to "Suzuya Supermarket Tanjung Morawa" to buy snacks and so on, after that fetched me home, had a chat with them before they went home, next slept. 
that's all about my activities in my cousin's house. bored somehow but fun though ;) 
end of post. good night <3 

old song but very nice <3  


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