Sunday, January 22, 2012

hello again :) this is my second posts for today. dunno why but suddenly I have my mood of typing. lately i have a lot of things to do at school. after holiday I'm going to join science booth and health campaign competition and it drives me insane -_- I have to search for an idea for both competition. luckily I had found 1 for health campaign poster making but not for science booth, i still can't breath freely, ANYBODY CAN GIVE ME AN IDEA FOR SCIENCE BOOTH ? PLEASE !! i really need a help :( ok let's skip about competition. before holiday school gave us 5 holiday assignment to be done at home. WTH 5 holiday assignment !! 5 you know 5 !! they are physics, biology, chemistry, science and mandarin, actually mandarin is just for class A students not for all students. i have done 3 of them, left biology and chemistry, I'm going to make it after i come home from holiday ;;) I'm too lazy to do it. oh well behind all of those stuffs, 1 more poster making has to be done which are English poster making about racism. drives me insane like really -___- i have to done all of them after holiday. 
and now I'm really stress of assessment.
SA2 will be on March, then April UAS, the last May UN -____- 
the one that i hate the most is the practical exam, it's like really a lot and hard. science, PE, computer, art, music and etc. the worse is PE, we have to run 12 laps !! actually not run but jogging but whatever it's all just the same -__- every PE lesson we have to run 5 laps. the teacher said that so later when we run 12 laps, it's not really tired anymore D: oh well sir something call running will always tired and I hate that. computer hard too we have to build a CPU and we have to memorize each part and we have to know what is the name of that part and also the function. -___- I will never memorize it ! D: music playing guitar. art if i not mistaken is making dragonfly from rope, i can't even make it when i had tried it for many times. -__- 
since my day will full of assessment, project, assignment, decoration and so on, i have to prepare my brain to even works harder -__- i hope everything will be okay. o:) pray for me.


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