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Sunday, January 29, 2012

hello blogger \m/ long time no see. how's your holiday ? nice? fun? I hope so. mine was fun but tired too. school is going to start tomorrow, so not ready since i want more holiday so i can sleep late and wake up late since i don't have enough sleep on vacation, sleep late and wake up early that's why i need more holiday. haha.. let me share the stories of my vacation :D
23 January : woke up around 5 in the morning, took a bath and prepared everything, went to airport around 6.30 then waited for awhile and flied to Penang, arrived at Penang aroing 9 or 10 i forgot, after that directly went to red rock hotel, took a rest and directly went to Gurney Plaza to have lunch then went back to hotel and waited for the car to IPOH \m/\m/ 3 to 4 hours journey to ipoh, arrived in there around 4 o'clock and had a walk for awhile then went back to Penang, arrived in Penang at night around 10 or 11 o'clock then had dinner, prepared everything since we were going to Hatyai the next day, finished everything and slept.
24 January : the next day we went to Hatyai (part of Thailand), we went there by van around 5 to 6 hours journey we went there in the morning at around 9 o'clock arrived there at 1 o'clock, directly went to Hatyai Palace hotel, took a rest for awhile then went downstairs for lunch then we traveled around Hatyai by tuk tuk (a kind of traditional car in Thailand), we went to temples, Hatyai Ice Dome, mall and etc, went back to hotel at around 7 then went downstairs again to have dinner then went back to our room and slept. 
sadly i had stomachache at that night, can't sleep, every time i slept the stomach kept on rolling and i felt so dead. luckily the next day i felt much more better even i still felt a bit uncomfortable.
25 January : the next day we were still in Hatyai, we went to Songkhla (place near Hatyai) by van, we went to Samila Beach in Songkhla which there was a mermaid there, the place was amazing. then we went to temples and also we went to Songkhla Aquarium, we watched the feeding fish show inside, so cool (y), then we went to temple that had cable car, the first time i used cable car, nice and fun but a little bit scary, after a day walk we went back to Hatyai and we went back to hotel and rest for awhile, at night we went to Lee Garden Plaza, we bought McDonalds for dinner. at around 9 we went back to hotel and prepared everything since the next day we were going back to Penang, after everything finished we slept. 
26 January : the next day we went back to Penang at around 9 o'clock, arrived in Penang around 1 o'clock, went back to hotel and took a rest then we went to 1st avenue and had lunch in Old Town White Coffee, i really love the Blueberry Smoothie :9 tastes so great, had a walk for awhile and at night we went to batu ferringhi (i don't know how to write it), we had dinner at long beach, the place was so full and the food came so slow, we went back to hotel around 10 o'clock at night, tired and sleepy. 
27 January : the last day at Penang, since the next day we were going back to Medan, we went to temple first then we went to Gurney Plaza, had a walk and shopping, we had lunch at I love chicken rice, then i bought sushi :9 then we went to Prangin Mall (komtar), we had a walk and shopping, tired since we had a walk from morning till afternoon, at night we went to ke lok si temple in air itam, a lot of people there, because there were no parking place, we only walked around at we went back and we went to a market to buy medicine and etc, then we went back to hotel and we prepared everything and kept everything in the luggage and we had an early slept since we had to wake up early the next day.
28 January : woke up at 4 am and took a bath and waited till 6 o'clock then we went to airport, had breakfast at McDonalds and waited till 9.35 then flied back to Medan and so on. 
tired of typing but don't worry i will finish up my post. hehehe.. 
let me show you some pictures of the places i visited ;) 


Songkhla Aquarium 
stand of food in front of Lee Garden Plaza 
kind of car in Hatyai, if i not mistaken it's call tuk tuk
Lee Garden Plaza 
Ipoh <3 
Red Rock Hotel in Penang 
Hatyai Palace Hotel 
Hatyai Ice Dome 
Gurney Plaza in Penang 
Samila Beach in Songkhla  


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