A Thousand Years

Monday, December 12, 2011

hey blog :) having a mood to type so I'll be telling you a story, well today story. kinda hating today. don't know why. suppose I love school life after SA1 but this year different, it's very B.O.R.E.D !! and it turns out we just stay in the class and doing nothing like a stupid people, oh I prefer to spend it at home at least I still can watch TV, playing computer or even playing phone. let's skip that. 
today was really a super bored day. MPH in the morning, monthly guest, they were talking about Earth and anything, I didn't care at all. BORED to hell. then went back to class and making decoration from 10 o'clock until 12.40, imagine it 2 hours and 40 minutes we spent it at class just doing decoration, I was dead. I guess you'll dead too. then lunch. after lunch JH department will have monthly performance, all JH1, JH2 and JH3 NM joined the performance only JH3 JFK and JH3 AL (my class) didn't join the performance, the performance were quite nice but some were bored. after performance, Ms Citra and Mr Anderson (both are vice principles) called both of our class because we didn't join the performance, Ms Citra angry at us and said that we disrespect them. It was not disrespecting but it was because of some reasons. some of them tell her the reason why we weren't able to join the performance but she was like who cares, I wanted you to join that's it. uhhh.. I hate her -____- I don't wanna talk further. that's all. sorry for the long and unimportant story =)) see ya ;) 

 I super LOVE this song <3
I super LOVE this mv and song <3 
CL is super cool (y) 

"Smile to keep your Pain"


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