So Give Me a Smile

Friday, December 02, 2011

hey blog ;) I'm back finally :) SA1 started yesterday and today is the second day and the SA1 will end at 9 December means that next week. had Religion and Mandarin assessment yesterday, did well ;;) had ipa (science in Indonesia) and history assessment this morning, did quite well in history but not in ipa, ipa was so damn hard. just wait for miracle so that I can pass. lol =)) gonna have physics and geography assessment on Monday, physics >> NO MORE HOPE ;) hahaha...
finally tomorrow will be no intensive but hell next week we are going to have try out for the UN. I hate study !!! drive me insane soon
and I guess I'll be back next week after SA1. wish me luck and see ya ;)

*going to post photos in next post*


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