Don't Stop The Music

Saturday, December 17, 2011

hey :) finally it's holiday :D no more school, no more waking up in the morning and go to school, no more homework, no more quiz, no more studying, no more exercise, no more meet teacher, no more stressful and no more hell. this is what I want :) FREE from all school stuffs. but I hate this holiday because I just stay at home, I feel super bored -__- sister and her friend went to Penang this morning, plan to join but then cancel. I'm waiting for Chinese New Year, actually I'm waiting for the trip :)) well get nothing to tell you anymore. so see ya. maybe I will be less posting because I have nothing to tell you. bye

2 more days till YONG JUN HYUNG's birthday
 79 more days till official Unriddle 2 


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