Friday, January 01, 2016

hello peeps~~
IT'S 2016.
wow time indeed flies so fast. 

Happy New Year <3 
may only the goods be with us and may God always bless us. 

new year, new chapter, new story, new memory to create :) 

2015 has been an incredibly memorable year, the bad and the good.
1. Graduated from high school
2. Got satisfying score for national exam
3. Participated in government university entrance exam although failed but an experience gained
4. Got into one of the good university in town
5. Taking hospitality management instead of medical
6. Met lots of new friend
7. Own a pet for the very first time
8. Learned how to drive
9. Cold war with one of my best friend but afterward we become even closer
10. Grandma got hospitalized but miraculously nothing happened
Last but not least, learned and experienced lots of new thing.

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