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Saturday, September 17, 2016

hello guys. i just realize that it has been ages since the last time i updated my blog lol. i don't even remember i have a blog to take care of, i am sorry lol. i seriously deserve a slap and a punch in the face (just kidding, please don't xD).
time flies fast that i have been in university for a year+ and i am already in my 4th term. it's scary actually how time flies that fast, it feels like just yesterday i first entered university but now it has been a year. i have started getting used to university life and i have started to like it, although to be very honest university life is so tough and hard. 
lately i have been addicted to kdramas and random videos in youtube. i plan to create a blog where i will share my review of several kdramas or movies (okay i am still planning), but i know i will eventually abandoned it again just like my previous blogsssss i made lol but still i want to try out xD i will share it when i finish out designing and stuffs~ excitedly looking forward to it okay *wink* 
oh and lately i have been thinking about my fangirl life. i have realised that i am no longer excited to fangirl over kidols, yes if it's beast but for others no more. i don't even get updated as much as i used to anymore, i stopped reading news everyday instead i only read the news like 3 days or even sometimes a week once and eventually caused me to miss the latest news and stuffs. i have been thinking hard whether i should leave fangirl life or stay but i just haven't figured it out. hopefully i will figure out what i am going to do with my fangirl life in the near future~~ 

just another addictive song<3


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