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Thursday, December 31, 2015

holla~~ i am back :3 
holiday is coming to the end very soon and i am very sad :( i just can't accept the truth that i am going back to my daily activities which sucks a lot :( 
okay let's skip that part.
in my last post i promised that i am going to share the chinese songs i am into lately, so here they go.

NB : some title is in the mandarin character's pinyin and some songs i don't put the singer because i don't know the name;; *bow* also it's quite hard to find a good vid so don't mind it :) 
1. Dave Wong - Yi Zhang You Xi Yi Zhang Meng

2. Dave Wong - Wang Le Ni Wang Le Wo

3. Gan Dong Tian Gan Dong Di

4. Wo Wen Tian

5. Jay Chou - Fa Ru Xue

6. Jay Chou - Ju Hua Tai

7. Wo Zai Ni Shen Bang

8. Freya Lim - Time Doesn't Heal

9. Freya Lim - Ming Ming Ai Ni

10. Wo De Hao Xion Di

11. Qiu Fo
another link for better vid : HERE

12. Yi Ge Ren De Ji Mo Liang Ge Ren De Cuo
another link for better vid : HERE

13. Hebe Tian - A Little Happiness

14. Mayday - I Won't Let You Be Lonely

15. Sam Lee - Cha Jian Er Guo

I will share you 15 songs, the rest will be shared next year :p since we are just few hours away from 2016 ;;)

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