Chained Up

Sunday, December 06, 2015

hello guys ;;) 
it's been awhile since the last time i updated my blog. 
i have been busy these few weeks because of projects, assignments and examinations. 
i am currently having final exam. first exam started last friday and last exam going to be on this friday. tired and pressured but at least i did pretty well for the exams so i am a bit satisfied.
holiday going to start right after the exam is over and i cannot wait;; i have bunches of dramas waiting for me to be watched~

so as you can see i did some changes in my blog design. since i am currently in the mood so i find some good and beautiful template in google and i find a website that provides super complete templates. nice and beautiful one. It took me several tries before i decided to use this one XD 

lately i have been into several chinese old songs which i found in youtube... i am going to share those songs in my previous post but probably not anytime soon because i am having exam and i need to list down the songs first. HEHE.

it's December already yet i still miss school. it's scary how most of the thing happened or the thing i saw remind me of high school mates. it's funny how in high school i wanted so bad to be in university but now when i am in university already, i want to go back to high school so bad. i just cannot accept how hard and tough university life is. 

this song never gets old.

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