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Monday, September 07, 2015

Hello peeps~~ 
supposed to post something last 2 weeks but I was too busy to :(
university has started since last week and bunches of homework are facing already /sobs

last 21 August, went to university for an orientation or more likely to be an introduction to the univ, lessons and rules
aside from that day, on 25 August went to Aryaduta for an orientation again. IT WAS WAY TOO BORING. From 7AM up to 3PM, only talk and talk and talk :")
Then the next day, on 26 August went to Pantai Bali Lestari or Bali Lestari Beach for another orientation, the last orientation. IT WAS SUPER FUN. played several games with group mates but we didn't win tho~ but I had so much fun :3

University life is so tough to be very honest :( much much more tougher than school life :") Let's hope I can overcome the whole 3 years lol

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