Unordinary Girl

Saturday, October 24, 2015

hey hey hey~~~ I have been so stressed with university right now, trying hard to survive LOL 
had religion mid-exam last monday then another accounting quiz last thursday and bahasa indonesia mid-exam yesterday~
luckily i have no extra class today so i am super happy <3 but have another presentation and report making project need to be done by next week. 
told you university life is much more tougher than school life, i am tired. i need a break. i need a vacation. 
ignore me LOL

so so so lately i have been into listening to random songs in youtube and i found lots of good song i have never heard before but mostly in korean (don't mind me xD)
i will share it in the next post so look forward to it XDDD 

Because I miss school life more than anything :(

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