Gotta Go To University

Monday, August 17, 2015

Remember few months ago when I told you guys I did apply for government scholarship program? I did say I didn't pass the first one so I apply for another one right? but then I didn't pass again, so therefore my mom asked me to apply for another one again but this time it's not scholarship program anymore but it's regular program but only involving government university. 
At first I thought I am going to apply it but as time goes by I realise this is going to be hard and tough so I am thinking of Plan B which is Hospitality in usual university. I did apply for that government exam but I cancelled before I paid the entrance fee because I finally decided to take Hospitality. I know you guys are going to say "omg how can you take Hospitality? it's so far different from Medical" but that's the only major I like aside from Medical, so the point is I give up Medical for Hospitality. Yes I did give up to my dream since kid. but I know another big dream is ahead me <3
I have been accepted into one of Medan's big university (without entrance exam) and orientation will be on August 21st which is few days ahead. I AM NERVOUS. lol

end of my post here XD

oh and
 it has been 70 years, I hope Indonesia could grow better and better in the future :3 

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