Not A Goodbye Yet :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Heyyooo!!! i know i haven't been on blog for like asdfghjkl long enough to make people forget that my blog exist
so i am currently on national exam which ends tomorrow since national exam had started since yesterday. national exam is like the prove that 'graduation' is getting closer. yes graduation is just a month+ to go.
good news is HOLIDAY for a week after national exam!!!! nyawww :3
graduation means last goodbye, last farewell, last time of standing on the same stage and sing the last 'goodbye' song, last time of seeing each other directly face to face, last time of doing crazy things together, last time of wearing the same clothes, last time of being part of school.
me and my friends have been taking bunches of photos lately, the normal, the not-so-normal, the funny and even the 'fans'. the reason why we snap that lots of photo because "pictures are the only thing that remain the same" and "people change but memories don't".
i am going to miss everybody in school like hell esp my (...) friends, my not-so-normal friends who create like thousands of memory for me.
i realise no matter how much i say 'i hate school' or 'i hate my teachers', i will still miss them when i leave. school, teachers and classmates have been part of my life for all these 12 years.
last friday, my homeroom send last message for the whole class since that day was the last day that almost all of the students came. i always always hate last message esp when it comes from somebody who actually 'mean' something to you. no, not only i hate last message, i too hate farewell and goodbye. it sucks okay. it sucks :(
most of my friends or almost all of my friends are leaving to other countries for university, some go to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Jakarta, China, even USA and others.
i won't be talking much about farewell or graduation now since i still have another month+ to go to enjoy my veryyyveryyyy last time at school :)
will be updating when i have something fun to tell xD

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