It's Never Too Late

Monday, May 18, 2015

hello :3 a month and 4 days without post hehe. i have been quite busy lately tho i didn't attend school. 
i have been stressing much about university that i will attend in the future, i did apply for government scholarship program but didn't pass thru so i have to apply another government scholarship program and hoping that i will pass thru this time. 
let's just skip that not so good part.

so last saturday and sunday i went to temple to participate in dhamma talk which is so good and useful! absolutely useful! by attending this kind of dhamma talk it makes you learn a lot of things regarding life. i feel grateful for being able to attend the 2 days talk, i hope in the future i have another chance to attend something like this again. 
the talk starts from 8AM to around 6-7PM depends on the 'teacher' who delivers the topic. the second day took time from 8AM-8PM. even though it's kind of sleepy but still it's useful. 

i haven't been attending class recently because i feel bored being in the class doing nothing so i prefer staying at home spending my time reading novel and stuffs. 

graduation will be up on less than a month, is time flying? to be very honest, in one side i feel so excited for graduation but in another side i feel like i am not ready yet, absolutely not ready.

can you imagine one day when you wake up, you are no longer a student and don't have to go to school? when you used to go to school every weekdays? 

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