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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

hello yes i am here again to update my blog. hehe  but today i am writing as a kpopers, which i am going to write all about kpop ;) 
2014 has been an unforgettable year for us kpoppers since a lot a lot of things happened, from the expected to the unexpected one. 
from dating news, dating rumors, scandals, dead, accident, lawsuit, marriage, hiatus, comeback rumors and a lot more. 

some of the most shocking news are like :
- yoona and lee seung gi are dating
- sooyoung and jung kyungho are dating
- nichkhun and tiffany are dating (my otp<3)
- taeyeon and baekhyun are dating (this actually causes a lot of hates to taeyeon and even she had to say sorry in the public :( while baekhyun? he did nothing -_- geez) 
- sulli and choiza are dating 
- shindong and nari broke up :( and then shindong caught dating with a model 
- sungmin and kim saeun are dating and not long after that they announced their wedding will be held on December 13th.... (this is probably the most sudden news i have ever received tbvh) 
- jessica rumored to be dating tyler kwon and will marry soon (but both denied it) then few weeks ago they are rumored to be living together in tyler's apartment in Hongkong (but again she denied it)
[when i know that jessica denied it, i am like "of course she will deny it, it's so impossible for her to clearly say that 'yes, we are living together' what do you think will happen eh? -___-"]
- kris rumored to be dating his movie's director but they both denied it (fiuhh~~)
- suzy rumored to be dating lee jongsuk but they both denied it (and guess what was the response of jongsuk? "i don't even know suzy and we never meet", i feel like laughing out loud xD)
- GD rumored to be dating Kiko Mizuhara since they both caught going to a date several times but no explanation regarding this rumor
- eric and na hyemi rumored to be dating but both agencies denied
- god made a comeback after 9 years
- fly to the sky made a comeback after 5 years
- leeteuk's father and grandparents passed away in a car accident
- leeteuk discharged from army and made a comeback with super junior after 2 years 
- shindong postponed his enlistment which is supposed to be this year to next year due to health problem
- bigbang rumored to have a comeback this year but postponed because of members' busy activities
- Ladies' Code involved in a car accident which caused two of the members passed away and the rest injured
- the two members are EunB who passed away after the accident and Rise who passed away 5 days after the accident
(this seriously broke my heart :( eventho i don't know them but this is so heartbreaking)
- wu yi fan or known more as Kris left exo after filed a lawsuit to SM due to unfair treatment
- luhan left exo too after filed a lawsuit to SM due to the same reason as kris
(but until now there is still no result for both)
- jiyoung and nicole officially left kara and then another new member joined kara which is heo youngji
- jessica left snsd (rumors said that she is being kicked out because she abandoned snsd  activities for her fashion line 'blanc & eclaire' but until now no clear clarification over this problem)
- jessica opened a fashion line 'blanc & eclaire' with his rumored boyfriend, tyler kwon
- a new member joined U-Kiss which is Jun
- sulli takes a hiatus from f(x)'s activites due to physical & mental problem
- f(x) stopped their red light promotions after sulli's hiatus
- park bom caught to be using drugs and sudden hiatus from 2ne1's activities (Yang Hyun Suk has given his statement regarding this, 
- kim hyun joong accused of beating his girlfriend, he then admitted to one of the accusations (at last his girlfriend forgive him and cancelled the accusations) 
(his girlfriend surely loves him a lot he willingly forgive him and forget everything.)
- red velvet's happiness music video controversy which cause SM to edit and publish the new one
- seungri involved in a car accident and being hospitalised for several days
- jb and staffs involved in a minor car accident 
- jyp sold his building and buy another bigger building 
- se7en and park hanbyul broke up after 12 years of relationship 
- park hanbyul and jung eun woo are dating 
- se7en discharged from army 
- BAP filed a lawsuit to TS due to the unfairness (still no result until today)
- thunder and lee joon officially left mblaq :( 
- mblaq rumored to continue as 3 or new members will be added 

i bet those are all that i can remember :3 

hopefully everything will be better in 2015 <3

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