The Goodbye

Monday, December 29, 2014

hello people~~ 

so i finally decided to post something here lol because i want a last post before 2014 ends so i force super lazy self to post this xD 
so in 2 days, 2015 is coming, a new year, a new hope <3 time flies so fast isn't it? i feel like 2014 has just started and now it's already the end of it. 

i don;t know what to post right now? so i am done(?) 
forgive me :(((

oh yeah you guys must have known that another plane was missing yesterday, which is Air Asia QZ8501 :(
let's pray that it will be found and everything will be alright. Amen.

my current favorite song <3

BEAST - 12:30 
this song is so addictive really, i can listen to this like 24/7 <3 

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