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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

hello readers ;) omfg it's already 31 of December which mean its the last day of this month and also the last day of the year. 
2013 has been a great year for me and somehow its unforgettable for me. a lot of things happened in 2013, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the unforgettable or even the one i wish i can forget right away. 
basically i learned a lot of things in this 2013 but there's one important point out of all which is you must stay strong no matter what happen cause life goes on. isn't it true? 
to be honest i don't really remember in detail all of the things happen but i still can remember few best moments of 2013. let us check it out:
1. watch Agnes Monica's concert in my school 9th anniversary 
this was definitely my first time watching a famous singer singing live. this was definitely the best, i'll never forget it <3 
2. move into new building of my school 
no specific comment for this. just feel glad that i get the chance of being in the new building and get to see a lot of fascinating things there. 
3. 16th birthday 
supposed to celebrate it with my fellas but demonstration cause everything to be cancelled, kinda dissapointed but somehow i still thanks God for giving me another year to live. 
4. get a BTOB's album (press play) from my besties as birthday present 
i can only say thanks to them <3 best birthday present ever. i really never expected to get this. 
5. B2ST's comeback 
B2ST finally had their comeback after a year of hiatus (break) and guess what this year they are coming back with full album <33 hard to love, how to love. that is their album name, will get it very soon.
*excuse my fangirl mode*
6. joining cooking CCA in school 
finally get to join into cooking cca in my school. has been wanting to be in since the very first time. glad to be in.
7. 131014
8. had the best halloween day ever 
this year halloween is probably the best halloween ever in my life.
participating in the event and helped the student council to sell foods and drinks. 
9. went to Cynthia's house 
went to cynthia's house for the first time and we made jelly then cooked fried rice together with herlina and also we fried egg. the fried rice looks weird outside but the taste is so good. 
10. 131130 
finally i'm telling you that day story. so we got a project from entrepreneurship teacher to go to factory and did the interview there so we planned to go the PT.Sosro at first but because it's saturday and the office is closed so we changed our destination to veronica's father factory (i mean the factory that his father worked in). in the morning, i went to herlina's house together with bella m and cynthia so that we can go to veronica's house together. arrived in veronica's house around 10.30 and met up with nathasia then we had to wait for another 2 of our friends which is fendy and yusuf. we waited for quite long time so we decided to have a walk in veronica's complex and we also took a lot of photos together. after a while, yusuf and fendy finally arrived there, then all of us started to get in to his car and we went to the factory. had an interview and stuffs, finished we went back to veronica's house and waited for herlina's father to fetch us to cambridge because we decided to have our lunch there. went to cambridge together with herlina, cynthia, nathasia and also bella. had lunch in nelayan then nathasia and bella went home, leaving 3 of us so we decided to have a break in starbucks, had chit chat and took photos then went home.
11. meet up with long lost friends
few weeks ago finally i get to meet tifanni, bella and devona <3 my long lost friends, went to cemara asri to have lunch then went to sun plaza for a walk.  
12. cynthia's house and our mission
last monday went to cynthia's house since we planned to go to tilak to have sate padang, mie sop and kuekue. arrived in her house around 11o'clock then watched movies and at 4o'clock we went to tilak by walking. best day.

started to get tired of typing so yeah those are all of the best moments in 2013 <3 
hopefully 2014 will be a better year. 

more pictures will be coming tonight ;)

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