Dare To Be Different

Thursday, January 02, 2014

hello. Happy New Year people <3 have a great year ahead and may all the good things be with us :)
i'm here today to spoil everything out. omfg i can't anymore hold it myself.

yesterday my cousin came to my house and we have a chit chat then we also took a lot of photos, then after that i don't know how we're stalking at people instagram and then we unpurposely find out an instagram account which the owner is asdfghjkl so handsome that make me directly crush over him. 

so the main point is i'm having a crush on a Thailand guy who's over cute and over handsome <3

actually there's a fact i want to tell about him but no i'm not going to tell it cause i don't want people to say bad things about him or judge at him. 

will just give you a short information about him : he's a dentist, vj in channel v and model. that's it :)

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