Here's To Never Growing Up

Saturday, August 17, 2013

hello. long time no update, i know. i'm just so busy and lazy lately. hehe

oh and yes i haven't said anything about my new class eh. let you know my new class is SH2 BP and my homeroom is Mr Andi, he's PE teacher. at first i thought he's going to be worse but no he's so kind and fun. 
my classmates ? nothing to comment. and anyway never really liked them so yeah who cares. 
i just can't wait till the time i graduate and out from there and don't have to meet all those people anymore. 
there's a sentences which i really like : "I don't give a fuck what people think of me, I wont see 98% of you after high school anyway" that sentences are just so true. 

suddenly i forget what to say anymore /sigh/ why lately my brain being so poor in remembering something D: 
oh anyway i would like to say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA <3 68th birthday <3 

as usual flag raising ceremony in the morning but because today weather is so friendly, i don't mind having flag raising and anyway i'm in choir team so easy. lol 
CA1 is coming real soon but i'm not ready yet and will never ready. this year i'll definitely do better. 
nothing else to day. bye. 

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