In The End

Saturday, July 28, 2012

hello. life being so boring  lately. wake up, school, going back home, homework making, sleep. being so stressful these few days, tons of homeworks are waiting. it's just the first week of school but it feels like a month there. for you to know my new homeroom sucks and the worst are most of the new teachers sucks as well. I just don't know how to survive in a year, imagine a year with all these stuffs. I feel like being lock in a dark room alone. Pathetic and Terrible. I need break from school but no I can't because I have to study harder this year since half of my classmates are all smart. If I fail, it's going to be the most shameful thing.
I learn and try to accept the fact but it needs time maybe a year time, I just don't know. 
Let's just skip those. 

watched a Taiwan drama named "Inborn Pair" which I borrowed from Herlina last week. such a nice one but the story is too long. still watching it and probably going to finish it by tomorrow, if possible. pstt.. the men in this movie are all handsome >.< Chris Wang and Xie Kun Da are my favorites <3 nyehehe :3 

maybe that's all. see you ^^ 


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