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Friday, May 04, 2012

bonjour ~ Thanks God its Friday. actually I'm sad because my 1 week holiday is almost over and school is going to start soon. I want more holiday so bad ;( but it's okay I get a good news, I'm going to Penang on Monday and Tuesday so I'm going to skip 2 days school. it's going to be fun. thanks sister for saving me from 2 days school <3 lol.. 
you know last night I dreamed a very weird dream, I dreamed that Medan has winter. lol I know it won't be real. sometimes I wish Medan has winter, cause I'm bored of only 2 weathers here. nothing else to tell you since I'm still on holiday. hehe. 
currently I'm in love playing games  in facebook :D 
end of post. have a nice day ahead dearest readers <3 

and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEARST STEFANI <3 all the best and God Bless. stay pretty and lovely :*:*  


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