Again and Again

Friday, May 18, 2012

bonjour ~ been a week and more for not updating my blog. forgive me. lately I'm too lazy to type and get no topic to tell. since I get a topic today, will be updating my blog.
actually today is school day but then I skip school because I'm too lazy to go to school, nothing to do at school. bored like hell. 
this post is actually for Wednesday but then I forgot to update it. 
last Wednesday, only 6 people were in class. well actually 9 people came but then 3 went out to basketball competition so left the 6 of us in the class. had fun during second homeroom, took photos with Herlina's phone. since left the 3 of us i n the classroom, nobody else. lemme show you the photos but don't mind the ugly face of ours okay :)

 so that's all. end of post. bye.


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