Thursday, February 16, 2012

hello blogger ~ long time no post, as usual I'm super busy with school stuffs. SA2 is going to be on next Monday or 20 February, I'm not ready at all. no preparation ! -_- and computer SA2 will be on tomorrow. really not ready !-______- drive me insane. 
well let's skip that. I'm tired of talking about that.
this saturday is going to be Herlina's birthday :D:D I'm so excited since we're going to celebrate her birthday at school during intensive ;;) me, bella, kristina, dewi, devona, veren, stefani and cynthia plan to buy her a cake and celebrate it. we will make a surprise for her since she always says "nobody remember my birthday" =) we will show her that we care about her and we remember her birthday. really can't wait till Saturday, it must be so fun :D 
well i don't know what to tell you anymore. since SA2 is coming, I'll not update my blog first and if i have a spare time i will update. 
lately i watch a Taiwan movie call "Ring Ring Bell", it's a SUPER DUPER nice and romantic movie. I love this movie so so so so so much !

BEAST IS THE B2ST is trending on twitter !!! xD

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