Living Without You

Friday, February 10, 2012

hey blogger ~ long time no update. I'm pretty lazy and also busy. I was sick from yesterday and now I'm still sick, throat ache, flu, cough and fever. a complete combination -_- anyway GETREALLYWELLSOONFORME o:) lately I was so stressed of school stuffs, as usual. can I just free from a place call SCHOOL ?? >:O I super HATE school .___. SA 2 is getting closer and closer, I think left 2 more weeks to go and i haven't prepared anything :( then next week will be our try out for intensive and SA2 for computer. FYI : I KNOW NOTHING FOR MY COMPUTER EXAM !! IT SUCKS A LOT !! yoo lazy to talk about it again, it will make me even worse .__. 
skip that. bye. too lazy to type since i'm sick. 


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