Love Girl

Saturday, February 25, 2012

hello :) long time no see. I'm kinda missing updating blog and I have a lot to tell but don't know where to start. this week are totally full of SA2. tired and stress. sleep 7 hours everyday, soon have panda eyes. sleep at 10 wake up at 4, I want to study harder and I want to get a higher score for all subjects. I was so satisfied of my Ipa and mandarin's scores <3 but I worry about my Physics and Chemistry's scores, I didn't do well. I hope to get at least 70. will have matematika and religion exam tomorrow. left 2 more days until SA2 done and next prepare for practical exam and UAS then UN. stress. lately I'm not in a good mood maybe because of too much pressure in school. too lazy to type and don't know what to tell since i forget already x_x will remember then update but later after i finish my SA2. bye blogger and WISH ME VERY LUCK FOR MY SA2 o:) 

new MV from Bigbang !!! \m/ 


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